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CanadaInternationalRx Prescription Service                                          

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CanadaInternationalRx is an online international pharmacy data processing center with more than six years experience in the Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy business. CanadaInternationalRx delivers prescription medications, direct to your door, from licensed, accredited pharmacies all around the world. To continue to provide you with dependable access to essential prescription medications, we have recently expanded our market sources to include licensed pharmacies in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The rules and regulations governing Pharmacy Practice in each of these countries are as stringent as those in Canada or the U.S. This means that you will receive only genuine brand name and generic medications, manufactured to the same high standards as in Canada and the U.S.

You decide where you want to have your prescriptions filled. A physician licensed in the country where your prescription is being filled reviews all prescriptions received by CanadaInternationalRx or one of its affiliate pharmacies. In addition, before any prescription is filled, CanadaInternationalRx's custom software performs an extensive Drug Utilization Review to make sure there are no drug interactions, contra-indications or incorrect doses.

Stop paying high prices for the exact same medication that is available at a fraction of the cost from one of our affiliate pharmacies. Check our prices to see how much you can save or to speak directly to a customer service representative call toll free 1-888-700-5516

If you prefer to register with us by fax, you can download our Fax Kit containing all the forms and the detailed instructions. To view the fax kit, you will need an Adobe® Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge. If you cannot use Adobe® Acrobat, or are unable to download the fax kit, you may contact us by phone at 1-888-700-5516.

Medicare Part D Vs. CanIRx Medicare Part D Calculator - Instant illustration of how much you are expected to pay using Medicare Part D vs. how much you would save by using CanadaInternationalRx.
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