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Prescription medications may be shipped internationally only when prescribed by licensed physicians. Non-prescription medications and other products may be shipped worldwide.

in Canada To USA International
Regular Rush Refill Order New Order Regular Rush
2-5 WR days 24-48 HRs 5-10 days 10-15 days 2-3 weeks 1-2 weeks
$7.00* $17.50 $17.50 $39.00 Call
  • All charges are in US dollars
  • Special rates apply for shipments weighing more than 1.5kg (3.3 lbs)

Delivery Policy:

Package are delivered within 10 days for refill orders, within 15 days for new orders.

Delivery Guarantee:

CanadaInternationalRx.com will monitor all shipped packages to ensure that delivery is made within the specified time, and will automatically initiate investigation on behalf of the customer incase of delay. CanadaInternationalRx.com will reship medications when undelivered packages are confirmed to be lost.


Frequently Asked Questions
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